Click to Open CLASSA - Fashion Shoes for Women
Classa is a leading Importer of high-quality ladies’ fashion shoes, designed by the leading designers in the industry, straight from the capitals of Europe.
Click to Open SHTIL - Flower Shop, Gifts & Treats
The leading flowers and gifts store in Israel! provides its customers with a
convenient and unique shopping experience and insists on service and courtesy.
Click to Open MIVZAR - Insurance Agency
Mivzar Insurance Agency offering all lines of personal and business insurance products, from home to auto, to life and health and everything in between.
Click to Open BIG DEAL - An online grocery store
An online grocery store that offers the freshest and highest quality products.
Fast delivery to your home or business.
Click to Open DV-ALIVE.CO.IL - Da Vinci Alive exhibition
A unique traveling exhibition, which presents the most comprehensive work of
Leonardo Da Vinci.
"Da Vinci Alive" exhibition, is a very special, multi-sensory and detailed exhibition,
which deals with one of the greatest geniuses of all time.
An Interactive experience that shows the work of Leonardo da Vinci in a detailed
and comprehensive way, that ever seemed.
Click to Open LAB.ORG.IL - Smartphones Lab
"The Lab" is a smartphones repair laboratory, located in Rishon Lezion.
Provides repair services for iPhone, Galaxy, Nokia, BlackBerry and other companies.
Also provides various accessories for Smartphone devices.

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